Aberhirnant Spectator Area

The Places to specate on Alwen Stage of the Plains Rallty  

First of all..... 

Sportity App Password : spec24plains  All the info you need is there .

What does it cost ? 

All our Car Parks are operated by unpaid volunteers from local groups who are raising funds for their community and they keep all the proceeds  this year carparks are £10 PER CAR

Take your rubbish home

Lets leave Wales as beautiful as you found it. 

Respect our Marshals.

Respect our Marshals Marshals play a vital role in the safety of this years Plains Rally, If they ask you to move then move its that simple, dont be the one who gets the stage stopped or cancelled because you think you know best.  All our marshals are unpaid volunteers who have given up their time to ensure a safely run event for you! .

Stage 3 & 6 Times


Stage 3 Aberhirnant 1

Aberhirnant Car Park Opens


First Car Earliest



Stage Start 


Post 5



Stage 6 Aberhirnant 2


First Car Earliest

Stage Start


Post 5





We hope you enjoy your day

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