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Spectators Please read the following statements from both Les Sharp and the MSA Safety
This also relates to all Spectators, be responsible, set a good example, obey any requests from the Marshals, otherwise YOU may stop the Rally

Dear Enthusiast, (From Les Sharp)

Since the tragic accidents on last year’s Jim Clark Rally, our sport, and how it is operated have been under scrutiny. Not everyone has the same passion for the sport as we do. Since January, following publication of the Spectator Safety at Multi-Venue Stage Rallies Report, the Motor Sports Association has been rolling out a number of priority recommendations from the Report. Our sport is experiencing change, and will continue to do so, until all of the recommendations in the Spectator Safety at Multi-Venue Stage Rallies have been implemented. It is anticipated that it will take until early 2017 to complete this process.

The very latest advice, taken from the MVSR Safety Requirements document, recently published by the Motor Sports Association, and coming into effect from 1st June this year, is: “Spectators must obey the instructions of rally marshals. Spectators who are asked to move and refuse to do so are putting their own safety and that of others at risk. Where this happens, a rally marshal has authority to notify the stage commander that the stage may have to be delayed and the stage commander will immediately take the appropriate action which may include stopping the stage.”

As Event Organisers, we all love our sport, we know you do too, we want you to visit our event and have a safe viewing experience, but we need your help and cooperation, to ensure that this happens. The organiser’s have put a lot of effort into identifying risk, and introducing control measures, we haven’t done this because we are “kill-joys” or “job’s worth's,” but because we have a duty of care to ensure that we offer a safe viewing experience for you. Our actions, and yours are being watched by a number of interested parties including the landowners, and if we don’t deliver a safe event, we may not have an event in the future. As organiser’s, we have done all we can pre-event, we will take all necessary steps on the event, to ensure its safe running, including cancellation of a stage or stages, if that’s what’s required.

Ultimately though, you are responsible for your own safety and that responsibility starts at home, before you leave for the rally. Think about the clothes you are going to wear, are they suitable for the weather conditions you may reasonably encounter, and especially think about your footwear, you might have to move quickly, on uneven ground; can you do that if your shoes have a high-heel?

We have produced a number of spectator safety leaflets, please spend a few minutes reading them, and viewing the spectator safety videos. Thank you for your help and cooperation, have an enjoyable day spectating, but most of all, have a safe day spectating.

Les Sharp - Clerk of the Course - 2015 Plains Rally - 28-04-15

Mull Safety Footage
WRGB Safety Footage
MSA Safety Footage

MSA statement on Rally Media access

The Motor Sports Association (MSA) is committed to working with all of rallying’s stakeholders to implement the recommendations of the Scottish Government’s Motor Sport Event Safety Review (MESR), not only in Scotland but throughout the UK.

A key recommendation of the MESR relates to the press and photographers. The MESR concluded that: “The accreditation and management of the press and photographers at events should be further considered and improved. Press attendance at rallies should be subject to strict rules and press attendees must be prepared to obey the instructions of rally marshals. This is not necessarily the case at present and examples of press attendees standing in non-permitted areas have been noted by the Group. When an area is identified as unsafe, it should be regarded as unsafe for everyone without exception – spectators, press and marshals.”

The media are crucial to our sport and the MSA is considering introducing a wholly new accreditation system for bona fide members of the media.

In the interim, however, all members of the media are reminded that under MSA regulations, the wearing of a tabard referring to ‘press’, ‘media’ or anything similar confers no additional access privileges over and above those of a spectator.

Consequently, anyone attempting to spectate from any area not accessible to spectators generally on a rally will be requested to move, and failure to do so may result in the interruption of the stage and delay to the event overall.

Events may of course have their own arrangements for the media, for example at the rally start and finish or in the service areas, but never for a rally special stage or test. This applies to all national status rallies in the UK.

The MSA thanks the media for their cooperation in this matter.

Don Barrow - Plains Rally Stolen from the Plains Rally website
Don Barrow - Plains Rally Stolen from the Plains Rally website


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